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Unlimited yearly music releases with Ditto Plus

Want to release a batch of singles this year? How about getting all of that back catalogue online and earning you money? With Ditto plus we make it easy. Release your music to hundreds of great stores like Spotify, iTunes, Beats and much more, and don't worry about the costs.

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Take control of your career with daily sales data and iTunes Express

Put yourself in the driving seat of your career with access to a personal analytics dashboard, where you can track your sales and trending data and collect your earnings.

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Why Ditto Music?

We are an online music distribution company that understands the challenges you face in getting your music release. As musicians, we've faced them ourselves. So we work now to make it easier for you to get heard and sell more.

You keep all of your rights together with 100% of the money you make from sales. We distribute over 75,000 artists worldwide and have offices in Europe, US and Australia. Our staff are just a phone call away and committed to helping artists like you, become successful.

If you're serious about making music, you need a like minded partner to get it out there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can i really upload unlimited releases?
Yes! As many as you like. We aren't here to stifle your creativity. We want you to have the freedom to release as much music as you like.

Does Ditto take a percentage of my earnings?
No! You keep 100% of your royalties

I am already a Ditto customer. Can i still get Ditto plus?
Yes! You can transfer your current subscription/s into one account and start saving money!

I am with another distributor, how can i move across to Ditto plus?
Easy! Start your Ditto plus account today and contact your current distributor to let them know that you are moving your music over to Ditto. If you are currently paying heavy subscription fees, you can start saving money today!