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Record Label In A Box

"A one-stop shop for musicians and budding record label moguls."
"Buy everything you need to start a record label in a single package."

Record Label In A Box has everything you need to set up and run a successful record label as a business. It's a complete, easy to use package. The first of its kind in the world. And it works the way you want it to work.


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A natural step for musicians and entrepreneurs

From starting your limited company and signing you first artist, each Record Label In A Box component is designed to enhance your career. The idea is huge but the product is beautifully simple and that's what makes it so exciting.

An entirely new way to start your record label

Your new record label is already registered officially with PPL. You have your own ISRC codes for registering releases. And a range of certificates with your label name and details are also included - bold, bright and ready to announce you’re in business.

No need for legal fees

Tired of expensive legal fees? We spent 12 months with a legal team making artist friendly contracts for you to customise and use in just a few clicks.

As well as being preloaded with all of your company data - including a copy of your Company Certificate. Your USB pen contains an easy-to-use contact wizard; just fill in the simple criteria and you will have a legally binding contract to your own specifications.

Fully Managed

Record Label In A Box includes a complete personalised Management Suite.

Advanced royalty software to easily monitor and manage your money.

Personal Networking Calendar with access to important local, national and international music events.

Totally Supported

Our unique online and offline mentoring is the instant advantage of your new record label.

It gives you direct, one-to-one access to the right Ditto Music expert. So whether you need help with shows, business loans, setting up a campaign or simply want some advice, you’ve got it - when and where you need it, worldwide.

Be in business fast

Record Label In A Box includes a range of features to set up your new business right away.

Pre-arranged Business Banking

Official registration as a limited company with Companies House

What makes RLIAB the most valuable product you will own this year?

From the vibrant finish and remarkable design to the range of personally tailored product features, the moment you open Record Label In A Box you are a valuable music industry professional.

An impressive statement from a box that sits so neatly on your bookshelf.

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What documents do I get with my Limited Company?

All Companies House documentation: LTD Certificate, Share Certificate, Articles of Association and Memorandum of Incorporation.

What is a Limited Company and why would I want one?

A Limited Company is a registered business. With one, you have access to much more: business bank account, start-up loans, tax breaks etc.

Can I buy RLIAB if I don't live in the UK?

Yes. You will need to designate a UK address (which we can help with) and also submit some additional ID. UK companies receive excellent tax breaks and UK Corporate Tax rates are half the US rates.

Do I have to start a Limited Company with RLIAB?

No. But, you must be a Limited Company to be eligible for a business bank account or start-up loan.

How long does it take to form a Limited Company?

Normally, 24-48 hours or 6 hours with our Express Service available.

How long does it take to receive the box?

3-5 working days. The set up and box personalisation takes 48-72 hours. As soon as everything is ready, we courier your box to you overnight and it can be tracked from your dashboard.

Can I change my company details later?

Yes, through our website.

How does the contract wizard work?

Log in to your Ditto account via your computer, laptop or smartphone and click 'contracts'. Choose your contract type and fill in the details to produce a legally binding contract. It should take no more than 1-3 minutes to complete a contract.

Are the contracts legally binding?

Absolutely. We spent 12 months with a team of lawyers producing 'watertight', artist-friendly contract structures. Our wizard produces a contract for you with your details and you can edit that contract at any time to add or remove clauses.

Can I choose any label name I want?

Yes, as long as it's not currently in use or infringes any copyright. For example, 'Starbucks Records' would be an infringement.

Can I choose any company name I want?

Yes, as long as it's not currently in use or infringes any copyright. You can search for available names through our system.

What do I do once I’ve got the label?

That's entirely the point. RLIAB provides the infrastructure and road-map so you always know what to do next. From your mentor meeting we help you plot out a course for the next 12-24 months. Then you will be attending networking events, keeping up with the Expert Forum, using your start-up loan, making contacts and signing great artists. But, you will always have the next step planned with RLIAB.

What's stopping another company from ripping off this idea?

No one else would approach this project like we have. We developed RLIAB as a reaction to the problems we faced starting a label in 2005 - the same problems that were around in the 1950s. Anyone can 'start a label' - but what do you do next? RLIAB's infrastructure is based on lessons learned from 10 years in independent music, providing solutions for artists and labels alike. Imitators will come along - but their offerings will be to make money. We didn’t create RLIAB to make money, we created it to solve problems.

Can I upgrade once I've bought?


What's on the pen?

Your USB pen contains all of your start-up paperwork, contract pack, wizard, and certificate. It also functions as a normal pen for signing bands.

How do I qualify for a start-up loan?

Criteria are listed fully on your dashboard. Some of the details are taken care of when you form your company.

What mentors will you get for me?

Whatever you want. If you want to export your music to Asia, set up a tour, get investment – whatever it is that you want to do we source a mentor to help you. And we will work closely with you to define your needs, month-by- month - not one year in advance.

When can I use my PR/social media campaign?

Whenever you want. It isn't restricted to your debut.

How do I manage tax returns, corporation tax etc.?

You are welcome to get an accountant. Accounts will need to filed around 21 months from when you start your company - so there is plenty of time. In a few months (or sooner) we will launch an online accounting system to manage your money and submit your tax returns etc. in a couple of clicks.

For more information please contact Ditto Music press office.

Conor Mallon
0151 909 3577