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Ditto Tunecore CD Baby
Single $9 $9.99 $15
Album $29.99 $29.99($49 in year 2) $59
% Taken 0% 0% 9%
Barcodes Free Free $20
24 hour Support Yes No No
Adding music to new stores Free $1.98 per store $10/$50
Amount of stores 200 74 94
Sell on pre-release $55 - 15 stores $100 - 1 store N/A
Upgrades [1] Free Same as their regular pricing
Label/Chart Services Yes No No
Music Opportunities [2] Free N/A N/A

[1] New stores are being launched all the time. Beats music, Apple Streaming, Google Play. With Ditto we upgrade your music for free every time a new store is launched. If you are uploading through our competitors they will charge you a fee per release, for each new store

[2] Once you upload your music through Ditto we help you with opportunities for festivals, gigs, even getting your music into Hollywood movies, and it's all free of charge.

* Last updated 24th June 2015