How does it work ?

audio stream flowing between headset

1 Write, record, mix and master your music

Once your tracks are ready, it’s time to plan your release...

from music production to users headphones

2 Think carefully about your release strategy

Make a plan to create hype around your music.

3 Sign up to Ditto Music

We'll release your music on the world's biggest stores

login screen world map

4 Build your release

Enter all the essential info

  • Enter your artist or band name and other contributors
  • Select your genres
  • Create or upload your artwork
  • Choose your release date
  • Decide where your music will be available
  • Upload any licensing if required
release features and information release features and information

5 Upload your music

Receive your free ISRC codes

(or enter your own if you have them!)

ISRC codes are a form of digital fingerprint used to track your sales.

tracks fingerprinting

6 Add optional sales-boosting tools

Access the same tools used by major labels.

sales-boosting tools

7 Set the price of your music

And decide which stores you want it released on

configurable music price

8 Start collecting your royalties

Watch your music appear on the world’s music stores and keep 100% of everything you earn

collecting royalties worlwide

It's that simple!

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