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Your music is important to us, Ditto was founded by unsigned brothers Matt & Lee Parsons who understand the importance of distribution and the complications that brings.

This is what makes us different, music distribution brought to you by musicians, here are just a few reasons you should use Ditto Music.

Customer care

24 hour phone support and award-winning customer care, helping fast-track your career.

Free Upgrades

Free ISRC's, barcodes and store upgrades.

Rights & Royalties

Keep 100% of your rights and royalties.


We're here to support you with more services to help get your music heard and promoted.

Popular Services

Name Your Label with Starter Pack $25
Pre-Release Pro $55
Worldwide Chart Registration $109
Premium SMS Keyword (UK) $79
Name Your Label with Starter Pack

Create your own record label, quickly and easily with Ditto Music. * Begin your professional career with your own record label, set up in the name of your choice * Including all contracts you will need, official certificates and more.

Additional Services

Basic SMS Keyword (UK) ($25)
Add a keyword to one of your tracks i.e. DITTO 93212 which customers can use to purchase your music via their mobile phones.
VEVO Channel Set Up ($159)
VEVO are one of the largest video platforms in the world, allowing to share, brand and monetise your music videos to audiences of millions. Your channel will be set up within 14 working days of purchase, after which you will be free to start uploading your videos!
Premium SMS Keyword (UK) ($79)
This service allows you to define a keyword for a track and name it anything you wish as long as it hasn't been taken.
Video Distribution to iTunes ($39)
We can distribute your music video to the iTunes store with this service.
UK & Ireland Chart Registration ($39)
Submit your release to be eligble for UK and Ireland music charts.
Australian Chart Registration ($39)
Submit your release to be eligble for Australia's music chart.
Label Services ($25)
Get started with your own label with Ditto.
VEVO YouTube Banner ($79)
If you have a VEVO YouTube channel by purchasing this service we will assign a designer to create a personalised banner based on your feedback.
YouTube Royalties ($39)
If your music is being used on YouTube by other people, we can claim your royalties for the usage and put that money towards your balance.
PPL Airplay Royalty Registration ($25)
This service will allow you to receive royalties whenever a radio station plays your music on the air.
US & Canada Chart Registration ($39)
Submit your release to be eligble for US and Canada music charts.
Swedish Chart Registration ($39)
Submit your release to be eligble for Sweden's music chart.
Pre-Release ($40)
Put your music on sale before your release date, with all sales counting to the release day. Ditto Music have had 11 UK Top 40 hits and ALL have used pre-release. This package includes pre-sale on 20 great stores.
Pre-Release Pro ($55)
On top of our fantastic pre-release service with pro you can build hype for your release using iTunes 'Instant Gratification'. Fans can download up to 50% of your tracks during your pre-order period. Ditto artists have achieved Top Ten placements using

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Emma Scott (Kerrang)

I want to say how much I love Ditto Music. Excellent customer service and lovely people who GET THE JOB DONE! Big love you guys