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What is it?

Ditto Chartbreaker services give you access to the exclusive tools and processes that are used to help major label artists, offering the exact same blueprint for chart success. Each special feature has been carefully considered to give your music the best chance of climbing the charts.

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Receive expert advice during a 1-on-1 Strategy Session with our experienced industry professionals to ensure you’re doing everything possible to get the maximum exposure for your release.


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Are you looking to release music in the next 12 months?

This is your chance to get all of Ditto's amazing Chartbreaker services in one package and SAVE 70%. We've released over 20 top 40 singles, including number 1s in both the UK and Billboard charts. Make the most of this great opportunity to work closely with Ditto and get your music into the charts.

Worldwide Chart Registration

Sell your music in 200 online stores worldwide including iTunes, Spotify and Amazon and make sure your sales are counted towards the charts. We’ll register your music on charts around the world including Billboard, UK, Australia and more.

SMS pre-order

Achieve more sales with a personalised SMS code. For example, fans can text YOURBAND to 8838 to pre-order your music. This is the perfect sales tool to use at gigs and encourages younger people without credit cards to purchase your music.

iTunes pre-release

Set up a pre-release campaign with iTunes and start building sales before your release date. This special service is ideal for giving your first week of sales an extra boost.

iTunes express delivery

Guaranteed delivery to iTunes within 4 working hours. Express Delivery is the best way to get your latest tracks online straight away.

What are our artists saying?

After using Ditto’s Chartbreaker services, I not only increased my sales and my fan base, but I managed to chart in the iTunes top 10 with my first ever release!

- Louisa Wendorff

Ditto Music support their artists as well as providing them with a service. I can't see me leaving them for as long as I'm still making music.

- SNY Producer

Using Ditto's chart services I sold over 100,000 copies of my debut single 'Turn My Swag On'.

- Alexa Goddard


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Worldwide Chart Registration
SMS Pre Order
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Includes 1 on 1 Strategy Session
SMS Pre Order
iTunes Pre Release
iTunes Express Delivery
Worldwide Chart Registration

1 on 1 Strategy Session with one of our campaign experts.

Our team have worked on successful campaigns for labels like Sony BMG and artists like Sam Smith and will work with you to make sure your campaign is successful

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