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YouTube's 7th Birthday video

On the 21st May, 2012, YouTube celebrated its 7th Birthday. It may be hard to believe that YouTube has been going for just 7 years such is the site so engrained into our everyday lives. From watching viral clips of Sneezing Panda's & Cupcake Boy to launching emerging artists, most notably Justin Bieber, YouTube has become the most important place where we share what we like with our friends and discover and listen to new music. However, more importantly, YouTube has become a platform to educate and raise awareness amongst the masses about anything and everything. You can learn how to cut hair, sing and produce music on the site along with everything else you can possibly imagine. It allowed for the Royal Wedding to be streamed to a worldwide audience and highlights political unrest in countries (with 30Million views in one day for the Kony campaign) that the majority of us wouldn't have been aware of otherwise.

To mark the 7th Birthday, YouTube have put together their own 2 minute video depicting their own favourite uploads and providing some truly incredible statistics. Enjoy!