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Your Album is Available Online, Now What?

Your Album is Available Online, Now What?

Congratulations! Your music has officially been released to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and hundreds of other online stores via Ditto Music! However, without properly marketing and promoting the release, who will ever see it? Here are a few tips for promoting your music.

Social Networking

It’s 2013. If you are an artist or band, and you AREN’T using social media, where have you been? Facebook and Twitter are the most widely used methods of finding new fans, communicating with current ones. Here’s some advice on how to promote with Twitter, check out our blog “How Do I Use Twitter To Promote My Music” part 1 and part 2.


There are thousands of music blogs out there, most of them pertaining to a specific genre or niche. Find those within your own genre. Look up your favorite artists, and see what blogs are reviewing their albums and talking about their live shows. Start with our “10 Music Blogs You Should Be Reading” and go from there.

Network with other Artists

This can be done through the connections you’ve made through the previous two points. If a band you like is trying to book a show in your town soon… reach out to them! Ask if they need a local opener, or someone to help with put up fliers, talk to local media about the show. The worst they can say is “no, thanks”.

Play shows!

Get out there and make it happen. Live music makes the world go ‘round. And for tip on what you will need to bring along to your shows CLICK HERE.