03 Aug 2015

Write your own record contract


Record Label In A Box contract pack and wizard


Signing a record contract can be one of the most memorable yet terrifying experiences - for the label and the artist.  As musicians we’ve all been along that path and RLIAB gave us an opportunity to level the playing field, giving a fair deal for artists and labels alike.


Many labels we’ve spoken to over the last decade say they’ve questioned signing a band as they don’t want to sacrifice vital budget on legal fees.  Many artists have said the contract they get from a label or manager will be so one-sided they don’t want to sign but can’t afford the legal fees to rewrite it fairly.  We took all these and many more experiences on board and came up with concept of a ‘contract wizard’.  We wanted bands and labels to be able to have the reassurance of a watertight contract and only need to input the vital variables - who are you? who are they? how much money? what record?  etc.


We spent over 9 months with a team of UK music lawyers, specifically from the artist-friendly side of the industry, to create a blueprint for the future of contracts.  Now we have the online contract wizard, a unique and simple way to draw up unlimited contracts on the fly within minutes.  You can access the wizard from any smartphone, tablet or computer.  We’ve include every contract you will ever need - recording contract, management, development, 360 deal, merchandise and sync.  All contracts can be altered outside of the wizard if you wish.


Considering most lawyers charge £250-£500 per hour, we feel that the contract pack is a unique offering that will save independent artists and labels vital funds that could be much better used.