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Are you the World's next Redbull Thre3style Champion DJ?

Original article from Redbull Thre3style


DJs – this one is for you!

Thre3style is a competition that gives you the opportunity to showcase all of your DJ skills; technicality, originality, creativity, the art of gauging the crowd and selecting tracks, stage presence, energy and ultimately your ability to lure people on to the dance floor and keep them going wild.

Head to the link below and fill out the form to take the chance to tell us a bit about yourself. Do you regularly play at clubs and produce or remix? Have you got a huge local following and do people turn to your Twitter feed for the latest beats?

You don’t have to create a specific 15 minute Thre3style mix in order to be considered, but we would like you to upload some of your previous work to Mixcloud. It’s free and easy to register.

Whatever you do please state which Qualifier and country you wish to enter so that all information is clear. In order to be considered entries must be postmarked no later than three month prior to the date of the Qualifier.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide individual feedback, but every application will be reviewed by a panel of experts, so everyone gets a fair shake.