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Why You Should Be Using Spotify Ads

You already know that people use Spotify for one main reason: they love music. Using Spotify ads to promote your own music ensures that the people you’re advertising to are the people who could actually make a difference. More people listening to your tracks mean more visibility, which ultimately means more money in your pocket.

Spotify ads make your music available to a gigantic online community that is actively seeking out new music every day. There are 60 million subscribers to Spotify, 45 million of which use the free, ad-supported service. If you are interested in advertising on Spotify please send us an email at Campaigns start at a minimum of £700 or $1100. Here is a quick guide of the different types of ads we offer.



Audio advertising is a cross-platform format, which includes an audio spot, cover art, and clickable campaign name.

  • Served during commercial ad breaks between songs in a music session
  • Spotify displays an ad image and a clickable campaign name for users to click on
  • No long audioblocks: 30-second ad every 15 minutes
  • Runs on desktop, web, mobile & tablet


Leaderboard ads in the Spotify player are served when the user is interacting with Spotify.

  • Display ads are clickable images displayed for 30 seconds.
  • No other display ad is shown at the same time as yours.
  • Ads are 100% visible and will not serve if Spotify is minimized.
  • Leaderboard ads are only displayed on the desktop and web


Greet Spotify users with a beautiful screensaver that guarantees 100% viewability.

  • Billboard ads are large screensaver images, displayed after 5 minutes of user inactivity outside of Spotify.
  • When the user returns, Billboard remains for 2 seconds, then resolves to a Leaderboard with the larger image resized to accompany the Leaderboard.
  • Billboards that resolve to Leaderboard will remain on a user's screen for 30 seconds.
  • During the 30 seconds, the unit can be re-expanded for a full screen experience with the Billboard and Leaderboard displayed. The user can dismiss the expanded format.
  • The user can click on all assets, at all stages.