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Why You Need To Declare Your Independence As A Musician Now

by brian botkiller

I'm going to go all Fight Club on you here, so don't get too freaked out.

You need to realize something as an independent musician; record labels do not care about you. They do not like you. In all likelihood, they hate you. I know this is hard to hear, but it's the truth.

Now, you're likely to tell me that I'm full of it when I say this, but we have to admit this to ourselves if we want to be successful in music. For years, we were watching bands get signed to labels, make money, tour, get fans, and be famous. Or were we?

The fact is that, what happened in the 70s and 80s in the music business was setting up an implosion, which we're now seeing the effects of. Bands were being given exorbitant sums of money, and labels were taking even more of that money without many of those artists even realizing it. Everyone thought they were going to be famous. The problem is that it set up a false sense of security for those watching these things happen, thinking that it could happen to them. Then, when it didn't, they didn't know what to do. Now everyone is trying to figure out how to find their way in an industry built around the exploitation of artists and the goods they create.

Now, not all these artists were making lots of money. Even many of the ones that are seemingly famous today don't make as much money as we think. There's a false sense of success that is put up as a wall to keep you thinking you're not significant enough to be able to be successful. You see these golden gods, making lots of money, being cooler than you, and you get discouraged.

Forget them. Do not give them the attention they thrive off of. They do not care about you, they do not want you to be successful. If you are, you could take away a stream of income which they covet. It's time to create your own success, your own business. Big record labels will not do this for you. You can bang on their doors all you want, yell, scream, and cry; you will be ignored unless they see you as a marketable, exploitable, commodity.

I can talk on and on about the ways that you can create your success in the music business; there's lots of blogs, vlogs, and more about how to do that. Beyond creating great music, the most important thing you need to do is this; you need to do the research, you need to be educated. Every time you see a musician crying that they don't like their record label, you're seeing someone who didn't do the homework they should have done before entering a deal. There is no excuse for not being educated about the business you want to enter, and make no mistake, this IS a business. You need to be smarter than them.

Big record labels are scared, right now. They are scared that you have all the tools you need to promote and be successful with your music, and they don't control those tools anymore. That's why they want to take the internet, monopolize the radio, and control everything that you can use to be successful. Fight them, be smart, be successful. Don't let them control what you rightfully deserve, if you do the work. Do the work, believe in yourself, and watch your business thrive, while the majors grind their teeth that they don't own you.

Now, go make it happen.