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Why Is Tinie Tempah So Famous?

You may think that Tinie Tempah is successful because he got lucky. Or that now that Tinie is famous he doesn't have to put as much work in as he once did. Well, that is NOT the case. And here's why...
We caught up with Tinie in Nashville on friday night and I would like to picture the scene for you.
A small stage outside a nightclub with an audience of possibly 50, all seated on deckchairs. Of the 50 people there i would say about 15 knew who he was, and that includes myself and James from Ditto. It was far from the perfect gig for any artist. And don't forget that Tinie IS a big deal in America. The previous night he performed on the Tonight show. He has already had a top 20 single with "Written In The Stars" and has just finished off a video with Wiz Kalifa. He is on the verge of becoming a mega star.
So as Tinie climbs on to the small stage and his microphone blows twice during the first song, you would think he would get back in the car and go home. He didn't, and here is why.
Cracking America takes a LOT of work. The show Tinie was playing was in conjunction with a local hop hop radio station who are potentially going to play Tines new single, when it is released. After playing the gig Tinie hung around, networked with the right people and made a great impression with everyone. And by this i mean he wasn't drunk, he didnt come off stage and smoke a spliff. He saw the whole event as part of his job and showed to the US market that he is committed to working hard.
If you look back at Tinies career , he started his own record label, funded by buying and selling cars. When Tinie played the wireless festival as an unsigned artist, he had 1000 kids chanting his name, and THAT was what brought himself to the attention of the AnR men who eventually signed him.
With a strong work ethic there is no reason that YOU can't emulate this success story. Remember these tips:
1. ALWAYS act professionally at gigs
2. Make sure you turn up to soundcheck with plenty of time to spare
3. Don't just play your set and leave. Always hang around to network with other bands or to see who is in the audience. There might well be AnR reps there for other bands or promoters worth befriending.
4. Most importantly - Be nice to everyone. You never know who is watching or judging your behaviour.
So next time you turn up to play a gig to one man and his dog remember.... It is a long way to the top.
If you are in this for the long haul then you may well be playing to no one for a long time. So embrace it and enjoy it.
Think you can be the next Tinie Tempah?
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