01 Jan 2016

Why Every Artist Should Have Their Videos on VEVO


As a support advocate for Ditto Music I am often asked: “Why should I distribute my music to VEVO when I already have a YouTube channel?"

Firstly you have put your creative energy into creating visual content for your fans. You've spent your hard earned money and put your time and effort into making your own music video, so it is important that you distribute your music video in the most effective way possible.


Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars thought VEVO was the best video platform for Uptown Funk


The main benefits of creating a VEVO channel


* Having your own artist channel on VEVO will give you the same professional stance and presence that major artists have on the YouTube platform.

* VEVO have a special partnership with YouTube, and all Vevo channels automatically sync with YouTube. 

* Your channel will be monetised and you will receive royalties for your video views.

* VEVO also syncs with other video platforms making your video more accessible to a wider audience than what it would if your video was available through YouTube alone.


If you want to get your music videos on VEVO we are currently running a special promotion offering VEVO channel setup and 10 video uploads for £99. Go get it here.


[by Jayne Crothers]