30 Nov 2016

Why Education is More Important Than Ever in Today


Have you considered getting ahead in the music industry through further study? Adam Bushell, director of education at The Academy Of Contemporary Music, discusses the importance of education in today’s industry...

Academy of Contemporary Music


Music industry education is a relatively new idea that The Academy Of Contemporary Music (ACM) has been perfecting for over 20 years. Whilst learning music has been around since the conception of education, learning about the industry itself is a much more modern idea.


Getting industry experience

Experience in the music business is absolutely vital, but those who choose to study contemporary music performance, production or business have the option of learning directly from those in the business right now, studying everything from contracts to royalties, and booking agents to vocal editing. Previously, these were skills that a select lucky few would have learnt on the job of a very closed industry. 


Navigating the modern music business

In recent years, the music industry has gone through rapid and drastic changes; vinyl is back in, as is streaming, and artists’ revenue streams are far more diverse than ever before. Artists no longer need a record deal to get ahead and that is one of the main reasons that education is so important to artists in today’s business.

With the growth of social media, fans have regained control of the world of music. Well-educated artists who know the business sides of the industry have the opportunity to retain complete creative control of their work and self release – this is something that, 30 years ago, artists could only have dreamed of.

Through education, these artists can not only learn how to write and perform their music, but also how to market it, distribute songs, collect their royalties and book gigs.


Benefits of music industry education

For those looking to get into the production or business areas of the music world, education still plays a vital role. Time is crucial in today’s industry ­– everything needs to happen yesterday. If employers have the option of hiring someone who can already do the job, opposed to someone they have to train up, they will go with the easy option.

Students at ACM learn to use the latest industry-grade software in real-life studios, such as our sister company Metropolis (home to the production, mixing and mastering of over 50% of the UK’s Top 40 charts). Aside from the skills they learn whilst studying on our courses, they also meet the right people whilst still in education, so they can fast-track their success on graduation.

Whilst it is always advised that students seek internships and work experience whilst still studying, the beauty of having producers, artists, songwriters, managers, etc., all under the one roof is that students begin networking earlier than those entering the industry directly, so when they leave, they already have a contacts book full of their peers who are, no doubt, going to be making waves within the music world on graduation.


Studying at ACM 

ACM has campuses in Guildford, London and within Metropolis studios where students can study degrees, IQs and diplomas in performance, songwriting, production and business. Students at ACM get the best of both worlds in learning the business and getting the most exclusive opportunities for internships and work experience through the dedicated Industry Link department.

With graduates such as Newton Faulkner, members of Mumford & Sons and Zomboy, alongside the best tutors, such as Ace of Skunk Anansie and Ivor Novello-winning songwriter Tim Hawes, our students learn first hand what you need to make it in this tough industry.


If you want to get ahead and fast-track your career in the music industry, download the prospectus and book onto an Open Day now.