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Why Does My Music Look Different Online?

If you sell music online then you will know that sometimes it may look different than when you uploaded it. This is due to the way stores interpret the data you enter. Here are 7 problems we've been asked about recently and how to solve them.

Sell Music On iTunes
1. There is another band on my iTunes page! If you have the same name as an artist that is already listed on iTunes then their database will automatically list your release on their artist store.
Solution - Contact us on support(at) and we will contact iTunes and get the pages separated.
Sell Music On Amazon
2. Why is my band displayed with/without 'The' on Amazon?
If your band is called 'Tremors' and there is another band called 'The Tremors' Amazon may not display you separately. Likewise if your band are called 'The Bonds' you may see your music under just 'Bonds'.
The Solution? We can add an extension to your release name just for Amazon. For example 'The Tremors (UK)' or 'The Tremors (Smile Records)' - if you contact us we will arrange this for you.
Sell Music On Spotify
3. My music is on someone else's page on Spotify .
Similar to Amazon, Spotify's database will also group you with same named artists.
The Solution - Contact us and we can update your artist name only Spotify (if you wish) to create a separate page for you. We can add (UK), (US) (x Records) or whatever you wish.
How to solve problems before they occur:
Find Music On iTunes
4. Search the artist name you want to use first.
Use the advanced search on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify to see if there are any similar names to yours. If there are then contact us when you submit your release and we will advise you the best steps to take.
5. Be careful using foreign characters, you may miss out an an audience.
If your band name is Faceious Five but spelt 'fåcê1øu5 5ivè' then to be honest, no one will find you online. If your artist name, song title, album name etc uses non-english characters, accent marks etc then please be considerate or your English-speaking fans.
6. Choose a band name people can search easily. 'A' were a great rock band but try finding their music online. Can't can you. So make sure your artist name is not only catchy but long enough so that it can stand out when searched.
7. Make your artist name/release title/song titles easy to spell. You never know how someone is going to find out about your band, songs or album/EP, through an article, a tweet or from a friend. So make sure your names/titles are easy to remember and easy to spell so if someone wants to find you they can do so easily. An example of this, it has taken me a good 35 mins to find the artist '!!!' (pronounced CHKCHKCHK as I was told).
Make sure you follow these steps and your fans will easily find your music, download it, stream it and come to your gigs.
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Jay Kerr