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Why Do You Need A Facebook Account To Sign Up To Spotify? What Does This Mean For Artists?

Matt Parsons - CEO Ditto Music

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It was announced today that you need a Facebook account to register with Spotify. Why? And what does this mean for artists?

Why Is a Facebook Account Needed For Spotify?

This was announced today (Sep 26th) and it’s to enhance the data-sharing between the two platforms and thus Social Engagement.

What Is Social Engagement? And Why?


Spotify claim that people are twice as likely to PAY for music if they are socially engaged – as in there is a social side to their music experience. With ½ Billion people consuming music online and 95% of that illegal, going social was never so important to artists/labels. Anti-piracy legislation has largely failed but ‘social engagement’ seems a possible remedy to change the tide of piracy.

What Does This Mean For Artists?

This is GREAT news for artists. All 800 Million Facebook users will now potentially be able to see and comment every time one of their friends plays your track on Spotify, if they have Spotify or not. If they are one of the 12 Million people with Spotify they can listen-in and if not they can install it in around 3 minutes. Which they will do because all their friends are on Spotify. Your music just went viral, your fanbase increased and more fanbase means more earnings.

Spotify believe they can move fans to consume music legally using Social Engagement. They say this will lead to artists making more money and therefore having more budget to spend time creating great music for us to all enjoy. The prospect of removing piracy and artists earning what they’re due and not just a fraction is thought provoking and perhaps idealistic – but it is possible. A partnership between the biggest online community of a generation (Facebook) and a company that actively want to help artists sell to that community (Spotify) is truly inspiring. Let’s see how it all pans out….

So How Do I Earn More Using ‘Social Engagement’?

Here’s a suggestion to start, check out my blog here for 7 tips to promote yourself with Facebook and Spotify. If you’re not on Spotify yet you can sign up here. After that? Spotify’s advice is ‘try anything, it doesn’t matter’. Whatever ideas you come up with to connect with your fans, the fans themselves will tell you online within seconds if it works. Remember as well that being social is not always online; gigging gives your fans a chance to interact with you and share the experience. It’s why Lady Gaga played in Sweden 6 times in 2008/09