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Why Ditto Music Best Place For Online Digital Music Distribution

Artists have always struggled to get their music distributed to their fans. This process once involved pounding the pavement and having a lot of determination, patience, and perseverance. Digital music distribution via the Internet now makes the process of getting your music out there easier. Ditto Music has streamlined the digital music distribution process to take the frustration and uncertainty out of trying to get somebody to hear your music.

What Is Ditto Music?

Basically, Ditto Music is an online digital music distribution service with one main purpose in mind: to help unsigned artists publish their music via digital sites like Rhapsody, iTunes, and Spotify. Ditto main purpose is to help unsigned artists get their music directly to the masses without the assistance - or hindrance - of a record label. Benefits of using Ditto Music as your digital music distribution source include:

• Artists retain all rights and royalties to their music
• Music goes live on iTunes in about 48 hours and within 7-14 days on other online stores
• No dealing with management and negotiating terms or giving up control of your music
• Easy online distribution without the tedious work involved of doing it yourself
• Maximum exposure for your music to those likely to be interested in your genre

What You Need for Digital Music Distribution

While getting your music out there is easier these days, there is a lot of competition. Not everybody can post a video on YouTube and become an huge success. You supply the music and Ditto Music takes care of the digital music distribution. It's that simple. Here's how it works:

1. Upload your music free to Ditto Music sites.
2. Sign up for a £2 per month subscription fee and earn royalties when your song is placed on sites like Spotify.
3. That's it!

Understanding the Frustrations of Unsigned Artists

Ditto Music was founded by Matt and Lee Parsons. Matt and Lee have been in bands themselves and understand the frustration an unsigned artist goes through when trying to get their music heard outside of a limited audience. Ditto Music became the first distributor to place an unsigned artist on the popular music site Spotify. In 2007, the single "One Off Song for the Summer" by the British band Koopa became the first single to enter the top 40 solely based on digital downloads. Additional services available through Ditto Music include:

• Chart eligibility
• Royalty collection
• Online promotion

Why You Need Digital Music Distribution

Success is great, but it can come with a price. If you go the traditional route through a record label, you are not likely to have much control over how much you earn. Additionally, most record labels have the final say in what your music sounds like when it is distributed. This means compromising on artist integrity. Even a record label that allows some artistic freedom isn't going to let an artist keep all the rights and royalties associated with their music. Ditto Music allows an artist to retain the rights to their music and keep all royalties earned from a single. To an unsigned artist, this provides a solid foundation to launch a career. Artists distributed digitally through Ditto Music include:

• Suzi Quatro
• Lil Wayne
• Kid British
• Samantha Fox
• Pocket Venus
• Fairport Convention

Experience the Ditto Music experience today. It's easy to be impressed even when trying the free features. For a small subscription fee, you can reap even more rewards of being an unsigned artist with a way to distribute your music and earn some profits in the process. Think of it as the 21st century version of the great rock 'n' roll dream to make it big - or at least get people to hear your music.