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Why Ditto?

Why Ditto?

“More than just Distribution”

First of All - Who Are Ditto Music?
- A self-started team of musicians who Digitally Distribute music like yours online.

We’re More Than One Service
- Over 90% of independent artists wonder why their music isn’t being properly distributed.
- Chances are they aren’t aware of how to properly distribute their work
- We provide services to get your music HEARD.

Where Do Your Royalties Go?
- With Ditto when your music gets played on the radio 100% of your royalties go to
YOU. We don’t take a penny.

What Do We Guarantee?
- No one knows if you will be a widely known household name BUT what we do guarantee is that you won’t find a digital
distribution service who cares more about your music than Ditto does.

- We Guarantee Support
- We have offices in the UK and the US which means our support service
is available round the clock.

- We Guarantee Cheaper Distribution
- Distribution and all of our other services are cheaper than ALL of our

- We Guarantee Options
- We distribute to more stores than any of our competitors.
- We can help you become Chart Eligible in different countries.
- You can set up your own label with us and publicise your music on
YOUR terms.

How Do You Know You Can Trust Us?
- We want to help you make your success on your own terms - simple as that!
- Our company grew organically from being in bands, we know how important music distribution and publication is.
- Over 30, 000 big name and independent artists distribute with us already.

Who have we worked with?
Big names: Paul McCartney, Ed Sheeran, Robbie Williams and Prince.
* We have helped 11 artists attain UK Top 40 singles.
* We’re constantly on the lookout for new, and exciting talent to distribute.
* What else do we do?
* We actively promote and sign artists:

We supply we7 with a monthly featured artist who receives 15K worth of
online promotion.
We have speaking engagements and stages at worldwide events:

SXSW, Canadian Music Week and
Liverpool Sound City.

We get things done quickly.

We can have your music live for download in 24 Hours.
To join the Hundreds of artists who have successful careers with Ditto Music’s help

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