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What Makes A Good Band Website?

We've all seen those hideous, circa 1996 websites that make us cringe. Animated gif of a unicorn and twinkling stars? Probably not the most current look, and highly irrelevant if you're a metal band.

Websites that are hard to navigate, or frustrating for the user are also not ideal.

You might be content with just a facebook page at this stage, that decision is totally up to you.

If you do have a website however, we want you to showcase your music in the best and easiest way, so people listen to you, buy your music, and can promote you to their friends.

An example of a good band website - The Temper Trap. Clean, easy to navigate, and a good showcase of their work. Check it out here.

Here is a quick list of things you should do with regards to your band's website to capitalise and invite fans to share your music online.

20 Things Your Website Should Be:

1. Easy to Find
2. Good looking and credible - simple is often best
3. In character (fits the style of your band)
4. User-friendly and all of the links work
5. Useful
6. Interesting
7. Purposeful
8. Entertaining
9. Offers something of value (perhaps for free)
10. Music is easy to view, listen to, buy and download - itunes links etc
11. It allows fans to share easily via their own social media
12. It has a newsletter
13. It has a clear navigation menu
14. Clearly shows what you have on offer (merch, upcoming shows etc)
15. It isn't cluttered/difficult to understand
16. It shows your fans how they can connect with you elsewhere - facbeook, youtube, vevo etc
17. Doesn't use any black-hat spamming methods
18. Has a clear privacy policy
19. Shows what your band has achieved and done (good press etc)
20. Has some personality/shows what your band is about.

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