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What is slacker radio and how can i get my music on there?

You can now get your music on Slacker Radio by signing up at Ditto Music. But who are Slacker Radio and why do you want your music on their platform?

Slacker is a new way to find and listen to music, and works on a similar function to Pandora or LastFM. Unlike these two services that are based on complex algorithms that attempt to learn what you do and don't like, Slacker takes this concept and adds in DJs and music professionals that match songs they think the user will like.
You can watch Slackers official video below to get some more information and remember this service is now available to all Ditto Music artist, and you can get your music on Slacker quickly and easily by adding a release or upgrading at

You can get your music on Slacker Radio now by signing up with Ditto Music.