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What is iTunes Radio and How Do You Get On There?

Heard some web chatter about iTunes Radio or 'iRadio' as it was initially referred to as, and wondering what it is? We'll explain. We have just signed the contract so our artists at Ditto Music can be a part of iTunes Radio and get amongst it.

Firstly, we'll explain what it is.
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You can tune into iTunes Radio whenever you login to your iTunes account. So via iPhone, iPad, PC, Apple TV, however you access iTunes. Here, you can access featured stations, find stations that are 'inspired' by music that you listen to and purchase on iTunes, and search and listen to more than 200 genre-based stations. As your music taste and purchases and listening habits evolve, so does your personalised iTunes Radio suggestions. The more you listen and buy, the more intuitive iTunes Radio is, and the more personalised your experience becomes.
You can also create and customise stations, similar to Pandora, Spotify, and Another discovery tool, that you can personalise and customise, and that becomes more in tune with your musical taste as it evolves. You can select to 'never play this artist again' if a band that you're not fussed on is played.
Another exciting component of this, is the inclusion of Siri. You can ask things like 'Who sings this?' to Siri, and get answered immediately, as the voice-activated system helps to make the listening experience even smoother. An added feature which will be good for artists that have their music available on iTunes Radio is that listeners can create 'wishlists', so can save a list of the music they wish to purchase later.
Exclusive releases will also be available on iTunes Radio before they are heard elsewhere - a great promotional tool for artists, and placing iTunes again as one of the first places to hear new music.
After listening to iTunes Radio, you can easily check your history for a list of everything you've listened to, and add it to your wish list. Obviously iTunes want customers to purchase the music, and not just listen to it for free, so this is good news for bands. The best of both worlds in a sense.
ITunes Radio is ad-supported, which means that you will (like Spotify or Pandora) hear advertisements while listening. But there is a paid option - iTunes Match. Apart from being able to listen without advertisements, this also includes the upload of your entire library into the cloud.
Unfortunately iTunes Radio is only available in the US at present, but we're sure it will roll out to the other regions soon, and we'll keep you updated!
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