19 Sep 2016

What Is Chart Registration And Why Do I Need It?


If you're hoping to break into the official music charts and get the massive exposure that comes with having a chart-climbing single, you'll need chart registration. Only chart registered songs and albums can enter the official charts, whether that's the UK Top 40, Billboard or ARIA. So let's take a look at how chart registration works and how you can get it.


What is chart registration?


Chart registration: How to get into the official charts


What is chart registration and why do I need it?

Chart registration is required before any single, album or EP can enter the official charts. Ditto Music have had 11 top 40 singles in the UK, alongside other successes across the world. This is due to our releases not only being chart eligible but also chart registered, a service which any artist is entitled to at Ditto Music.


How does chart registration work?

Every release is assigned two types of codes: a barcode for the product as a whole and ISRC [International Standard Recording Codes] for the individual tracks.

Stores will use these codes to track and report sales of releases to chart companies like the Official Charts Company in the UK and Billboard in the USA.

However if your release is not registered with them then when the stores report they won't have your data on file to allocate sales to. Meaning, that you will still get your royalties but if you sell enough you will not be listed in the charts.


How do I get chart registration?

You can easily register your music for the charts when you release your single or album through Ditto Music. Just select the chart registration option during the upload process and we'll take care of the rest.

Once your tracks are registered with the official charts companies, you can then get started on promoting and marketing yours, and hopefully week one will lead to a top chart placement for you.

Also don’t forget that by being chart registration you can get all your sales figures within your first week from the team at Ditto, including territory, daily trends, mid weeks and final chart week sales.

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