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West Melbourne Hip Hop Artist Uses YouTube to Build his Fans - Drops New Video

West Melbourne rapper, Adam Purski, has been building his loyal YouTube fanbase with regular uploads of videos created at home and in abandoned buildings in Melbourne’s Westside.



Through his Youtube channel, Adam has fostered a rabid online community of over 2000 subscribers that eagerly await his fortnightly videos. ‘Had to Say’ is the hard-hitting first single from Adam and is taken from his debut album ‘Storyteller’, released in May of 2015.   


As the Aussie hip hop community swells with fans, the need for the traditional major label path has become obsolete, with artists like Adam Purski creating and pursuing their dreams from their bedrooms and local surroundings, inspired by rap battles and hip hop artists from around the globe.


His debut album ‘Storyteller’ was released earlier in 2015, and ‘Had to Say’ is the single and video release, shot in an abandoned building in West Melbourne, called the ‘Bradmill Factory’ providing the perfect background for this uncompromising track. His lyrics inspired by artists such as Eminem and Bliss N Eso. The instrumental is produced by Antames, and is inspired from the hugely popular YouTube channel ‘Epic Rap Battles of History’ – particularly the Moses vs. Santa Claus battle.


Although inspired by artists such as Brother Ali, Eminem, and locally by Hilltop Hoods and Bliss N Eso, Adam Purski’s unique style shines through. His decision to focus on his very active YouTube community means that he can keep his music fresh, current and distinctly his own.


Watch out for Adam Purski and ‘Had To Say’. This artist is blistering through and coming up online, and he has a lot to say.

Debut album ‘Storyteller’ is available on iTunes and Spotify

Storyteller is available HERE on iTunes

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