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“We're Huge in Asia”: iTunes and Spotify Expand Service

June 29 2012

From Lee Parsons

Some good news for Ditto Artists; your music is going to be available to millions of new listeners and potential customers, and you won't have to lift a finger to make it happen.

If you've seen “This is Spinal Tap” (and really, you should) you might remember the titular group's album flopping miserably in the United States, but turning out to be a massive success in some Asian markets. That's fiction, sure, but Asia is the most populous continent in the world, and – like humans everywhere – the people of Asia love good music.

What Does This Mean?

Asia has become an massive media market, with Apple's revenue there surpassing their European revenue last year. That's probably why Apple announced plans earlier this week to allow a dozen Asian countries, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, to buy music through the iTunes store for the first time. That's over 35 million new potential listeners from those three countries alone. And over 250 million potential customers when you factor in Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Brunei, Macao, Thailand, and the Philippines – the nine other countries in which iTunes will now be available.

There are some problems with this news. China and India (only the two most populated counties in the world) are still shut off from the iTunes faucet, in part because of concerns about piracy and licensing. But overall this announcement means the opening of a dozen exciting and fast-growing new markets for digital music sales.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

In other expansive media conglomerate news, Yahoo has been busy cozying up with Spotify. The internet giant has plans to integrate Spotify into their current music services, and to promote and expand the service. Yahoo gets more that 700 million unique users every month, which isn't a bad audience to get your music in front of.

The point is that if you're distributing your music with Ditto, you're getting a free upgrade with both these services, and you don't have to do anything or pay anything.

So, sit back and enjoy.

Lee Parsons

Founder - Ditto Music