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To mark the release of their latest single 'Caroline', we touched base with THE BELLIGERENTS to talk tour memories, Teepee parties and dream collaborations.

Tell us about your new track 'Caroline' - what inspired it? 
It’s a backwards love song about a person you’re never going to be with again. The lament of a seemingly perfect person who has passed you by and who you can’t stop comparing everyone else to. It’s about lust and loss and chasing a certain feeling which continuously escapes you by the skin of its teeth. We wanted to capture the twisting emotions of that feeling - who knows whether we actually did or not. 
You will be touring in October - what is one of your best tour memories?
We were lucky enough to win the triple J unearthed Parklife competition back in 2012 and it was the first festival we had ever played at that time. We’d been going to the festival for a few years by then as punters and had always felt it would be the perfect fit for us as a band to actually play. We hung out with Tame Impala and Chairlift all day and things got a little silly. It was an incredibly eye opening experience to play a stage that big and to begin understanding what it would take from us both as individuals and as a band to make it back! Won’t be something we’ll be forgetting anytime soon.
You are known for hosting pretty amazing parties - do you still have a Teepee in your back yard?
Unfortunately we’ve had to move on from that house, however it was a good 3 years and we wouldn’t change a single thing about those late nights we spent in the teepee! We still do our best to hang out and have parties, and because everyone still lives together, it’s not exactly hard... We all live in the same neighbourhood and in the same houses with our mates The Jungle Giants, Moses Gunn Collective and Morning Harvey. Share house life is a beautiful thing with friends like ours.
If you could collaborate with any artist (alive or dead) who would it be?
That’s tricky. I think Joseph Mount from Metronomy is somebody we’ve always collectively looked up to as a band. Both his pop and production sensibilities are incredibly admirable and I think there’d be an interesting result if he were to somehow make the mistake of entering the studio with us! *laughs*
What does the rest of 2016 hold for the band?
It’s been a big year so far but the end is looking even more exciting for the band! Our next shows are up at BIGSOUND on home turf which are going to be really fun. We’ve got a single tour in support of the recently released ‘Caroline’ throughout October and will be putting out debut album in the tail end of the year. It’s been a long time coming for us and we’re excited to get out on the road for some summer festivals as well to play these songs! Wew. 
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