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Want To Play Queensland's Jungle Love Festival?

Held in Imbil, Queensland, the Jungle Love Festival is currently on the hunt for artists to play their 2016 event!


The Jungle Love Festival is a celebration of music, art, friendship, love, nature, and all things joyous. Currently in their third year, the event has seen many of Australia's more colourful acts grace their stage.


Past acts include legendary hip-hop act The Resin Dogs, the Bollywood-inspired Bombay Royale and young funksters The Cactus Channel.


Sound like you kind of thing? Why not apply for this year’s event?

How To Enter

Simply head on over to the Jungle Love website


Fill out this form


Things you will need

A Facebook Link

Link to 2 your songs

A live video that shows why you’re awesome

Make sure you’re available to play over November 25 and 26


Applications close on June 1st.


Remember to check out our opportunities map for all opportunities in your area!