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Want to Know the Secrets of DJ Marketing?

Do you long to know the secrets behind marketing your DJ skills and expanding your profile? Want to know how to get more facebook fans and likes, soundcloud followers and ultimately, more gigs?

We have a treat for you.

We were sent this ebook, so we've had a look, sussed it out, and decided that it is indeed a valuable resource that we wanted to share with you.

The CEO and founder of DJ-Lounge, where their writers have been hard at work developing a free and comprehensive resource to help DJ's, labels, producers and managers get the most out of their promotion online, on the street, and onstage.

We think it's a valuable resource for all of our DJs, but also all of our bands, solo artists, supergroups and everyone looking to expand their profile and following. The tools and suggestions can be used by everyone, and modified to fit your genre and musical scene.

To download the ebook, head here: