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Want to Get Your Band's Music Heard by The Guardian?

Do you want to get your band's music heard by The Guardian? They want to hear from you.

Earlier this year, they posted an article inviting unsigned artists to contact them via a webform, where each band could upload their music and information. Due to such an overwhelming response, they are now changing tack slightly, and are asking unsigned bands to use their user-generated platform, GuardianWitness.

For more information on exactly what GuardianWitness is, check out their explanation via video here.

Basically, GuardianWitness is a way for users to contribute to the Guardian. You can contribute music, video, images, text, basically anything you like. It will be reviewed by The Guardian before they post it, however, so each contribution is checked by their team.

Their favourite music will be listed on The Guardian website, which means massive traffic, and a huge boost to your band's profile.

To add your band, head here.

You can also use their GuardianWitness app, available here.

We wish you all the best, and keep us posted if you get featured!

From the Ditto Team.