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Want to Get Paid £250 for Your Creativity?

Who wants to earn some cash? The folks at IdeasTap are giving away £250 to creative, inventive people with original ideas. This includes music, photography, design and film-making.

Open to all creatives in the UK, a keyword of 'carnival' is to be used as inspiration. If you've already got a song with this in the lyrical content - brilliant! If not, here's a chance to write something new and expand your repertoire. Not only open to musicians, if you have a bandmate or friend with photography, design or film-making skills, get them involved in this project with cash prizes on offer - there is a first (£250), second (£100) and third (£50) prize in each of the following categories.

1. Audio and video (no longer than two minutes)

2. Writing (no longer than 1,000 words)

3. Visual art/photographs (no more than two)


entries will not be accepted, so make sure you get your idea in by Friday the 30th of August at 5pm.

How to apply:

To apply, head here, click the Follow this brief button, then click Apply now and follow the instructions on the page.

Please upload your submission to your IdeasTap portfolio. (you will need to create a free account).

And make sure that you have a photo on your profile. As with all
IdeasTap briefs, you have to have a profile photo or image to be
eligible. It doesn't have to be a headshot, and you won't be judged on
the quality of the image.