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Want to Be a Better Musician? - 10 Tips For Playing Like a Pro

If you want to be successful when you sell your music online, then you need to play like a professional. Mistakes on a recording can be passed off as giving the song character, but that can only be done so many times before the artist is simply dismissed as lazy or unprofessional.

To get music on iTunes that will sell, you need to develop the habits that other professionals use to play better. There is a lot that goes into becoming a professional musician. If you want to give yourself a chance at success, then you need to focus on the product before asking "How can I sell my music online?"span class="s1">

- Practice

Playing your instrument is not the same as practicing. When a professional musician practices his instrument, he goes through practice scales and works to improve his technique. There needs to be a practice regimen already thought out that the musician goes through every day. Not only should the musician practice scales and exercises to maintain his abilities, but he should also continually challenge himself to do something new with each practice.

- Play

A professional musician picks up his instrument and plays every day for at least one hour. Playing does not mean working on any exercises. It means playing for fun and working on new material. It needs to become just as much of a habit as practicing every day.

- Learn Your Limitations

Every professional knows her limitations. Medical specialists know what kind of conditions they are qualified to treat and every professional musician should understand their limitations and work with them. You can decide to overcome your limitations or accept them as part of your style. For example, if you are unable to play exceedingly fast guitar solos but you also do not want to, then that is a limitation that does not limit you.

- Equipment

A professional musician works hard to understand his equipment as well as his technique. You cannot produce a good sound if you do not have the equipment you need to create that sound.

- Discipline

When you call yourself a professional musician, that means that you have developed the discipline necessary to maintain your practice schedule and attend to all of the other areas of your craft that are important. For example, if you need to learn to play more than one instrument then you develop the discipline to stick with the task and learn other instruments.

- Mentors

No one becomes better on their own, and that is especially true of a professional musician. Your style is influenced by the people that you look up to and those that came before you. You need to find mentors that will help you to develop your own style and find your own voice.

- Resources

Never shut yourself out to resources that could potentially help you to improve your playing. As a professional musician, it is your job to investigate as many books, DVDs and online instructional resources as possible until you find the ones that can help you to improve.

- Influences

Open yourself up to a variety of musical genres and learn to expand your thinking. Some of the greatest musicians of all time had styles that were mixes of several different musical genres. Always search out music that you are not familiar with and try to find things that you can incorporate into your playing.

- Techniques

No matter what instrument you play, there is always more than one way to play it. While you do not need to be an expert at multiple techniques, your playing would definitely benefit from expanding the methods you use to play your instrument.

- Groups

Always take the time to play in as many groups as possible. The influence of others on your own playing can be significant in the development of your own style.

If you want to be a better musician, then you need to put the same care and dedication into playing that the pros do.