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Ditto Blog

We are working to sync YOUR music with movies, TV and more.


We are always looking for opportunities for you, our talent, our artist pool, the reason why we are here.

We have recently distributed the JOBS soundtrack (feature film starring Ashton Kutcher based on Apple's Steve Jobs) and the critically acclaimed 52 Tuesdays (currently Australian/NZ release only) soundtrack to online stores and platforms.

This means we are talking to music supervisors, and creating opportunities for you. We put one of our brilliant unsigned artists Fieu in touch with the director and film maker from Adventure for Change, who are behind this stunning piece of work that will be available on the National Geographic website. (to see the promotional video, head here).

We're doing things behind the scenes to get your music heard in new ways, to get exposure for you, and to help make films and advertisements as wonderful as possible.

Check out our label services and promotional services which have recently launched and are proving popular beyond what we could have imagined.