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Want Front Page Placement on iTunes?

Update: Our iTunes promotion process has changed since 2012, check out our new promotional services here!

Want to become a featured artist on iTunes?

We are constantly asked, how can i get my music featured on iTunes?"

The iTunes editorial staff may feature a title in several ways:

    • On the appropriate genre page
  • As a free Single of the Week
  • As the appropriate genre’s Free Discovery Download
  • In a weekly New on iTunes email or genre email
  • On a weekly New on iTunes podcast
  • In iTunes Essentials

Getting on the front cover of iTunes within your genre can really push sales, as the digital traffic passing through this store every day is huge. Any artist is entitled to get on the front page of iTunes and here at Ditto Music we can do all the paper work for you.

If you wish to apply for iTunes promotion you will need to upload your content and get everything over to Ditto at least 8 weeks before your planned release date. Once this is completed we need to following from you:

1. A Physical Copy

2. A Physical Press Kit

3. Marketing Strategy

iTunes get hundreds of requests for front page placement per month, so here are some tips that will increase your chances of getting listed.

1. Make the release an iTunes exclusive

2. Make sure you put it up for pre-release

3. Have your press kit professionally


4. Have your physical copy professional made

5. Select a specific territory to market to and plan you marketing campaign around said territory.

If you can submit all this to Ditto Music we will do the rest for you. The final decision of course rests with the iTunes editorial team - but get this over to our
Liverpool or Nashville address and we will let you know.

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