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Victoria Opportunity: Want To Play At A FReeZA Event?

With over 80 committees statewide, there are plenty of opportunities for you and your band to play to some enthusiastic youngsters.


Remember how cool it was to go to underage gigs in your day? Remember that youthful enthusiasm you had for the bands, and the sense of ownership you felt when they eventually became big? How would you like to be THAT band?


FReeZA are always on the lookout for up-and-coming bands to play their events across the state. So how do you go about this? Quite easily.


To show you interest in paying a FReeZA event, simply follow these steps.


1. Contact them directly through the ‘contact your local FReeZA committee section’.

2. Find the person you need to speak with in your local committee, and let them know you’re interested in playing some gigs.

3. Email them your details including bio, links and access to some recordings.

4. Follow up with a phone call a week later to confirm they received it and get some feedback.

5. And with any luck, you’ll be on the next FReeZA line up!


If you’re in a band and you’re under 21, you can also enquire about entering the FReeZA battle of the bands competition. These are run in conjunction with The Push and can win you some great prizes!


For more information on the battle of the bands, head to this link.