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Use Your Lyrics to Gain Your Band More Attention!

This article originally appeared on and was written by DIY Music Marketing guru Brian Thompson. To see the full and original article head here.

Your Lyrics!

Artists, why don't you do more with your lyrics?
lyrics are uniquely yours. they're an
integral piece of your art and they make up 50% of your song (in terms of publishing anyways).

so why don't you do more with them? learn a lesson from what successful online entrepreneurs are doing,

Repurpose Your Content.

that's what the best bloggers do, so why don't you copy what's working for them?

your social media interaction and engagement. create new exclusive
content to your fans. create new products to fans who want it. what's
not to love?

here's some ideas to brainstorm further on:

10 ideas to leverage lyrics to find new fans & increase sales

1. create new typography posters to share online, featuring quotes of your lyrics.

2. create limited edition prints of your most popular and socially voted posters, sell them at gigs and online.

3. create a lyric e-book, offer it as a free download when someone signs up to your newsletter.

4. turn your e-book into a stylish, collectible, limited edition, printed notebook. sell it at gigs and online. autograph it.

5. create t-shirts featuring your lyrics (rather than just your band name). see Jonny Hetherington's "Get Thru Anything" Tee Shirt here:

6. create lyric videos for all your songs. share 'em.

connect deeper with your audience. tell the story behind your words
through a series of blog posts, podcasts, newsletters and video blogs.

8. create contests around your lyrics, "fill in the missing word and win!"

be creative! turn your words into new merch ideas you can sell. create
banners, wall hangings, rings, wristbands, necklaces, charms, pendants,
patches, bags, mugs, notebooks, posters, wristbands, prints and rolling
papers. whatever works for your audience. but keep it classy and with of
good quality.

10. share new lyrics with your subscribers as you write them, offered as a paid premium.

??Brian Thompson