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Urban Problems Will Make Your Bee Bumble

We interview with Melbourne-based house/hip-hop act, 'Urban Problems', who have just released a new single 'Bee Bumble' and made their back catalogue available in online stores and streaming services.


You have a sound that shies away from the typical Aussie hip-hop sound. How would you best describe your musical style?

Sometimes we get fists pumping with a ’90-style banger, other times we make hips shake with a down-tempo RnB jam. The genre is pretty irrelevant. We’re just trying to get hot girls dancing; the rest will take care of itself.

In 2015 you shunned the typical touring and gig formats, in favour of performing at warehouse parties and studios; can you explain the thought process behind that and what the response has been?

In 2015 we shunned the typical touring and gig formats ‘cause Pope fled to South America after running into legal troubles with his prophylactic business, but we don’t talk about that. We’re over going to local gigs where you catch the last few songs of a support band and then watch your mates play for 45 minutes before you go home. We wanna party. It’s not about playing warehouses, it’s about putting on a night, an experience, having total control of what goes on and playing music till whenever we want.



How can people find out about your shows?


Instagram: urban_problems


I’m intrigued by your perfume, ‘Salvation By Lil’ Miss’, as it’s something usually reserved for big pop stars. Is Urban Problems trying to tap into that market? How did this all come about?

Business baby. ‘Sell-out’ is not a dirty word. We’ve already got a bunch of sponsorship opportunities lined up. Can’t say too much about it just yet, but can tell you that I do enjoy the smooth taste of Pepsi™. 

You have just released your latest single ‘Bee Bumble’. Tell us a little about that track and what’s on the cards for 2016. 

Bee Bumble is an ode to all the great songs that find meaning in senseless hooks. We’re talking Hollaback Girl, London Bridge, Be Faithful, Work It and Peanut Butter Jelly Time. It’s abrasive, it’s disorientating and it’s a certified floor-filler. We’re just gonna keep putting out tracks and putting on parties till we can all buy our parents a couple of beach houses each.


Urban Problems are now on iTunes and their next warehouse show is tomorrow, January 15. Head on over to their events page for more information.