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Uplifting Track 'For Us' by Kuosa & CRocQ On A Mission To Fight Melanoma Cancer

We see a lot of music come through via Ditto, and there's often a great story behind each release. However, the story for the release of 'For Us' by Kuosa and CROcQ is one that needs to be shared. 


After Josh Brown's brother was diagnosed with melanoma cancer (a type of skin cancer), Josh decided that instead of being passive about the situation, he would take charge and write, record and release a track where all proceeds go to cancer research, in particular melanoma research. 

We had a chat to Josh about how it all happened, and what is next. 


Check out the release on iTunes here - with all proceeds going to charity. 


1. Please tell us about the release - what made you decide to write and record this song?


This song come about when trying think of a way to help raise money for my brother, who two years ago was diagnosed with Melanoma Cancer, which then spread to his lungs. I not only wanted to help him but also help raise awareness, get people involved in helping to find a cure!

Recently my Brother had his wedding coming up, so we wanted to complete the track and announce the song at his wedding and that all proceeds will being going to the Melanoma Institute Australia and to assist with my Brother’s ongoing medical cost, which with a little help from CrocQ the vocalist I was able to do.


2. The song has a really uplifting feel to it, was this difficult considering the circumstances, or was it intentional?


Amazingly since my Bro was diagnosed and throughout his treatment he has maintained such a positive and inspiring outlook on life, I dare say at times, even given the circumstances he was the one holding those around him together, especially me… I want this song to remind people of that kind of hope and love my Brother shows to everyone around him, and in turn let his hope and love inspire and spread to others! 


3. Tell us about the songwriting process - how did it work, and how did the discussion evolve into the song?


With this song I had the idea, the chords and main melody figured out for a while, I was playing the song on the piano and guitar for a few weeks leading up to actually producing the song, so when it come to laying it down it was all there in my head… The vocalist, who I have worked with before - CRocQ. I knew would suit this song. His like my brother, an uplifting, positive person and had been through a similar experience himself. I couldn't have done this song with out CRocQ, his vocals made it really shine. With our schedules clashing we ended up finishing this song in a matter of days whilst both in different cities… I sent him the song, we would discuss ideas and lyrics via FaceTime and phone calls and eventually after a few late nights we had it finished… Thanks to Ditto Music, I had the song up the next day.


4. How can people support the cause and get involved?


The song is called For Us by Kousa & CRocQ it is available on iTunes and all leading online stores, you can find links on my Facebook page and twitter @ /kuosamusic.  And thanks to Ditto Music helping me release this track independently I am able to give ALL proceeds of each purchase made directly to helping fight Melanoma and finding a cure… This is a chance for us all to make a difference and do something amazing! Even if it is one life that the proceeds of this song helps saves then together, we all will have achieved something very very special.


PURCHASE the track on iTunes here!