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Upcoming Event: Busk For A Cure

On the 21st of May 2016, the streets of Newtown, NSW will be the host to 50 buskers who are Busking For A Cure. These artists will be performing across 5 locations to raise funds for the Cancer Council NSW and Crohn's and Colitis Australia.



This independent music initiative was founded by Ditto Artist Helmut Uhlmann. Busk for a Cure is about everyday Australians contributing to the fight against cancer in a transparent and fun way. Helmut is adamant about avoiding guilt-tripping or hard selling tactics, saying “We want the community to have such a great time that they forget about the causes they are supporting, only to have moments where they remember 'Oh, this is raising money for cancer research, I feel good about that’”.


Uhlmann and his fellow artists have also released a compilation album ‘Busk for a Cure, Vol. 1: Live & Raw’. The album is a taste of what to expect from ‘Busk For A Cure’ on the 21st of May and all proceeds from the release go straight to the Cancer Council NSW and Crohn's and Colitis Australia.


Track List:

1. Brendon Moon - Girl

2. Huntley Mitchell - It’s a Game

3. Sophia Chesworth Music - There for Me

4. KIKO (Solomon Chowdhury) - Trouble Like Boomerang

5. John Chesher - When You Go

6. Kate Vagg - Push

7. Harry T. Tregilgas - Hooked

8. Stephanie Claire - Moon Song

9. David Cook - Infectious

10. The Honey Sippers - Can’t You See

11. Jode Gannon - Catch Me When I Fall

12. Rose Cole - From Here

13. David Beamish - Happenstance

14. Stan Brian - So Proud

15. Mark Lucas and Pierre Luniere - When it Goes

16. Josh Singer - Where did you Go

17. Ralph Graham - Beautiful Day

18. Fil Anthropy - Oh the Shame

19. Kirsty Bolton - Take me to the Moon

20. Jaguar Eclipse - Universal Love Song

21. Cassen (Nathan Johnson) - 13th Floor

22. Rose Winter - Ghost

23. Kalpaka Sreenivasan - Kaani Nilam

24. Loch Maree - Alexander the Great

25. Oliver Goss Band - Rocks Off

26. Danielle Lamb - Ready to Love

27. Voltak - Psyko

28. Helmut Uhlmann - Shatter

Busk For A Cure takes place on the 21st of May 2016, Streets of Newtown, NSW, Australia.


To support this cause you can attend the event on the 21st of May, 2016, donate online or purchase 'Busk for a Cure, Vol. 1: Live & Raw' on iTunes


To Connect with Busk for a Cure on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.