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Unknown Artist Scores Top 40 With Unreleased Rihanna Track

A Cover version of Rhianna’s new single, recorded by an unknown artist has entered the UK midweek top 40 singles chart at number 28.

We Found Lovei> by Calvin Harris And Rhihanna has been covered by the artist “Covergirl” and is now in the UK charts top 30.

BBC Radio 1 reported that people are mistakenly downloading the covergirl version thinking that it is the original single by Calvin Harris and Rihanna, which until today remained unreleased.

This has prompted Rhianna’s record label to make the original title available on iTunes to purchase now, with rumors that it could be a contender for this Sunday’s number 1.

This is not the first time this has happened. Recently a cover version of the current UK number 1 “local People” by Sak Noel entered the charts before the original track.

While artists like Birdie have enjoyed success with remakes of contemporary tracks, these artists are specifically releasing music in the hope of cashing in before the official track is released. For unsigned artists, cover versions are becoming an increasingly large revenue stream.

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