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Under 30 and in an Australian Band? This is For You!

Are you in a band and under 30? Solo performer? An Aussie?

Then this is a great opportunity for you.

The QANTAS 'Spirit of Youth Award' is open to any musician, male or female, in any genre. You just need to be still considered a 'youth' which in this competition means under 30 years of age.


prizes are pretty great. You can win $5000 in cash, $5000 in Qantas flights so you can travel and tour until your heart's content, and a professional mentorship with Lee Groves - an internationally renowned producer, songwriter and engineer. His extremely esteemed songwriting and production credits include work for the Black-Eyed Peas, Elbow, Madonna, Marilyn Manson, Goldfrapp, Garbage and more.

Any style or genre of music is welcome to apply - whether you're a folky singer-songwriter or an industrial/experimental artist.

To enter you will need an audio track in a high bit rate in mp3 or wav format, and an image or your band in high resolution jpeg, gif or png. Video clips may also be submitted in all popular video formats.

To enter, head here: