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UK Music Opportunity: Funding for 'Women Make Music'

The music industry, like many other industries can sometimes feel like a very male dominated field. This is where PRS' grant opportunity for woman called ‘Woman Make Music’ come in.  PRS wanted to draw attention to the gender gap between men and women music creators and to explore how we could better support women who are making new music. ‘Women Make Music’ supports grants of up to £5,000. Applications are open until April 27 2015.



‘Woman Make Music’ was started by PRS in 2010, after a panel was held to discuss the large gender gap in the music industry. The scheme works towards breaking down stereotypes, encourage strong female role models for the future generations and increase the profile of woman in the UK music scene to mention a few.


‘Women Make Music’ supports grants of up to £5,000 for:


  • Songwriters and composers who want to create new music for live performance and recording
  • Solo performers who want to commission new music which they will perform live or record
  • Organisations/groups who would like to commission a composer to create new work
  • Music creator residencies


The application process consists of two rounds where only the successful applicants will be contacted for the second round.


Deadline for the next round of applications is 27 April 2015.




Head over to to read more about the funding program and apply!