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UK Chart Registration With Weekly Sales Figures

Ever wondered............


How to get my music in the top 40 charts?

How many sales do I need to get my music into the charts?


Ditto Music’s unique UK Chart Registration service has just received an upgrade that is going to rock your digital socks.

At Ditto Music we have had 11 UK top 40 singles, all with unsigned artists. We utilise tools like SMS pre release, pre ordering campaigns and we have released music for chart stars like Ed Sheeran and Suzi Quatro

As part of the standard chart registration for the UK Charts, the Monday after your release week you will receive a sales document reporting sales of your release. These sales will be from every UK based retailer where your music has been distributed.

As part of these sales figures you will also receive a regional heat map depicting the exact regions of the UK that your sales were made, as well as a statistical breakdown of these sales.

This information will prove invaluable in judging the success of your marketing campaigns and can be used to plan where to concentrate your focus when planning tours and other promotional events.

So log in to your DItto Music account today and select UK Chart Registration from the services list when building a new release or simply click the PayPal button below, or if you want more information then feel free to contact us here.



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