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UK Artists - Grant for Emerging Bands Worth £3000!

MusiciansBenevolentFunt The Musician's Benevolent Fund is looking for emerging British talent to invest in. This could be you, your band, your money.  Applications are open now, and you could gain £3000 to kickstart your 2014, and also your band's career.  The grant is open to any genre, you could be in a classical ensemble, a barbershop quarter, an urban/r'n'b group, a solo performer or in a grunge band - any musical style and format will be accepted and reviewed before the winner is decided upon. The fund is looking for artists to invest in - emerging acts that can prove they have a substantial and exciting career ahead of them, and that the funds will be put to good use. They want to hear specifically how their funding can assist and support you, and help you to achieve your musical dreams. Applications:  The following rules apply relating to applications for this grant: Musicians (including composers) and groups in the early stages of their career – usually the first 3 years - You must have a genuine commitment to building a career in music - You will be considered excellent by those in your field and will be making an impact on that scene - You should be able to show that you need help financially - You will be over 18 - You will be British or have lived in the UK for at least five consecutive years - You will be based primarily in the UK - When a group is applying, most members must meet the age and nationality criteria What can you apply for? You can apply for an important development opportunity, project or programme of activity that will have a lasting impact on your professional career. The minimum grant is £500 and the maximum available is £3,000. Previously supported projects have included:??- creative residencies?- collaborations with other artists?- live multimedia productions?- national and international touring?- recording?- mentoring. Applications can include more than one type of activity as long as they are complementary and part of a coherent development plan. They are looking for a high level of entrepreneurialism and music that stands out from the crowd. For further information, contact, or visit