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Tunecore vs Ditto Music |10 Steps To Comparing Digital Distributors

You may be deciding between Ditto Music and Tune core for your online distribution. Can you trust Ditto Music? Can you avoid a Tunecore scam?
Here are 10 things to consider when deciding between Ditto Music and Tunecore
1. How Much Does It Cost To Get My Music On iTunes?

Ditto Music - Free.
Tunecore - $15 per single. $50 per album (yearly fees)
2. How Much Does It Cost To Release A Single?

Ditto Music - $9 for 1 or 2 tracks.
Tunecore - $15, 1 track only (Tunecore advertise this as $10 but
that is only for artists paying 5 years in advance ($49.95).
3. How Much Does it Cost To Release An EP of 3-6 tracks?
Ditto Music - $20 for 200 stores.
Tunecore - $50 for 15 stores.
3. How much will it cost to release an album?

Ditto Music - $35 for above 7 tracks.
Tunecore - $50 for 2 tracks and above.
4. How Much Does It Cost To Sell A Video On iTunes?

Ditto Music - $40
Tunecore - $400
5. How Many Stores Does My Music Get Distributed To?

Ditto Music - 38 stores.
Tunecore - 15 stores.
7. Are my tracks released with the correct codes?

Ditto Music - Free barcodes, ISRC codes and Catalogue numbers at Music Industry Standard.
Tunecore - Tunecore do not use official ISRC codes.
8. Can I sell classical music?

Ditto Music - Yes, this is a manual process that we will do for you.
Tunecore - No, Tunecore will not distribute classical music.
9. Can I sell my music On Pre-Release?/span>
Ditto Music - Yes.
Tunecore - No.
10. Will my digital distributor change its prices?

Ditto Music have lowered their prices every year since 2006.
Tunecore doubled their prices in the last 12 months.
Still Not Convinced?
Here is a short video breaking the difference in cost between Tunecore and Ditto Music:
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