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Triple J's Unearthed High Winners: Mosquito Coast

Winners of Triple J’s Unearthed High chatted to us about what it has been like to win 2015’s competition, balancing the hype of new found fame and study and what’s next for this Perth act.

Photo by Tanya Voltchanskaya


Firstly, a massive congratulations on being the winner of Triple J’s Unearthed High for 2015! We hear that Matt and Alex surprised Naomi with the news in front of the whole school. How did that go down?

Naomi: It was pretty cool, they charged in on me from the side of the stage just after I had finished performing and announced it in front of the whole school. It was so crazy, people were screaming and some confetti canon went off! I have no idea where that came from.


Conor you got a bit of a heads up before Naomi, what was going through your mind when you were told you had won? What do you have to say to your brother who said that you're "not that good of a singer" and "no good on guitar"? 

Mum told me that it was just the postie and I believed her as I usually would. When I opened the door I had to kind of stare at Matt and Alex for a couple of seconds to comprehend that the dudes from my radio were standing right in front of me with microphones and cameras. I really couldn’t believe it. I had to get my head around the whole situation pretty quickly as they chatted with mum while I rushed to get ready. As for my brother, he likes to play it cool and never give me any credit. Aren't all little brothers like that though?


You guys are obviously both still in High School so how hard has it been to continue with studying after your newfound fame? Have you been swept up in the hype yet, or are you concentrating on your education first?

We are both dedicated to finishing school and then fully focusing on music. Winning Unearthed High has definitely brought a whole lot of hype but we've just got to kind of get on with study before we can really enjoy it all. It feels as though we have two lives at the moment, school and band. It has been pretty hard to study sometimes though, especially on the night of winning. Economics definitely wasn’t the first thing on my mind!


The film, Mosquito Coast, sees Harrison Ford playing an eccentric inventor who builds a utopia in the middle of a jungle for his family. Does this relate to the band in anyway? Do you guys want to create your own musical utopia?

Naomi: Yeah, I think it does in a way. We are always trying to find new stuff, make up new riffs and jams. We’ve got a little bit of that Harrison Ford inventor vibe going on. Our band room is like a little utopia we built and we try to make it our own.


The calibre of artists that has come through Unearthed High is simply staggering, with acts like Stonefield, Snakadaktal and Japanese Wallpaper all previously taking out the honour.  So what’s next for Mosquito Coast?  What’s top of your list of things to achieve as a band?

To be put in the same category as those bands is really cool. We've always looked up to those artists. Together, we want school to be over ASAP so we can get down and write more, as well as develop our live show. We haven’t had much gigging experience so hopefully 2016 sees a whole lot more live Mosquito Coast. We are also heading over to Sydney later this month to record with Triple J as a part of our Unearthed High prize, which is super exciting. We can't wait!


We here at Ditto can’t wait to see what happens next for these guys, a massive congratulations from everyone, big things to come! Check out the announcement video below!