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Tips to Market Your Music on iTunes

Once you have released your music on Ditto Music what is the best way to Market your music on iTunes? There are several ways however one of the most important is directing your fans to the iTunes purchase link.
There are several ways to do this:
1. In a web browser search
- This will automatically bring you to the artist page on the iTunes store based on the criteria of the artist name you have entered.
- It's not the best method, especially with artist that have characters in their names. Such as searching for /JAYZ will bring you to the 'Watch the Thrones' Album, but searching /Jay-Z will bring you to his artist page so watch out
2. Generating a Buy-Now Link using HTML
- This is a great method of putting a direct link on your website / Facebook etc. Your fans in 'One-Click' can be navigated to purchase your release.
- To get the HTML for your release or artist page simply go to iTunes and locate the release or artist page and then do the following:
1. Artist Page HTML Link - in the top left you will see Music > Genre > Artist Name, hoover over artist name and right click and you will see 'Copy Link' - click that and the link will copy to your clipboard
2. Release HTML Link - once you have located your link on the iTunes store hoover over the artwork, right click and your will see 'Copy Link' - click that and the link will then copy to your clipboard.
We have done the rest for you, so here is the code you need to embed the link via HTML on your web page:
<a href="PASTE COPIED HTML LINK HERE" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
Try it here:
Embed that in your site and your fans will be one click away from buying your music. For more tips on marketing have a look at our 7 tips to marketing your music on Spotify HERE