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Timelines, apps and Tickers. 7 Ways To Promote Your Music On New Facebook

Matt Parsons - CEO Ditto Music

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Facebook launched some amazing new features yesterday and now I'll show you how to use them to promote your music for free. It all centres around apps (games/programs built into facebook) and a new feature called 'Timeline'. This won't be available to the public for a while yet but I'll show you how to get it right now.

Here are my Top 7 Tips to promote your band using New Facebook:

1) Make Your Music Viral via Facebook and Spotify

Share your music on Facebook

At the top-right corner of your Facebook you will see the ‘ticker’, this shows you in real-time what all of your friends are doing.

Friends can now install “apps.” For example , the “running” app would let your friends know where you are running to. Good news for artists is , there is already a Spotify app.

- How do I use the Spotify app to promote myself?

The Spotify app allows the music you are listening to , to appear in your timeline. If your name was James, your friends will see “James is listening to xxx” in their timeline. If someone ( including you ) is playing YOUR music, friends will then have the option to click on your music / artwork and check it out instantly. They can also comment. This means that every time you or someone else plays your OWN music via Spotify, it has a much bigger chance of going viral. So install the Spotify app on your Facebook, play your songs and you're off!

2) Make Your Music Videos Viral via Facebook and YouTube

Now you know how the Spotify app works, you have the blueprint for all of the apps on Facebook and how they can help you. The Youtube app for example can help you make your videos viral.

Film your gigs, rehearsals or even backstage interviews and post them to YouTube. Then via the YouTube app on Facebook your friends will see you watching it on their Facebook ticker, they will watch it, their friends in turn see THEM watching it, and hundreds of people could be instantly recommending your music videos virally.

Install the YouTube app here.

3) Create a ‘Timeline’ of Your Creative Processes

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Timeline’ is a new feature where you can bring together on one page as many memories, new information and content as you wish. This is the digital version of liner/sleeve notes on steroids. You can have pics of your band writing, recording and performing your songs, the demos from Soundcloud, the audio from Spotify from it’s release and a banner of the artwork.

The only limits are your imagination. The timeline will go back as far as you want it to. To get timeline in 2 minutes read our short blog here.

4) Use More Music Apps

There are more music discovery apps than Spotify that your friends will use such as iHeartRadio, MOG, Deezer, Rdio and Rhapsody; and guess what – Ditto Music are partnered with all of them. Sign up now or upgrade to get your music on those platforms and get viral.

5) Create Your Own Facebook App

This is actually a lot easier than it sounds and anyone can have a go at this, you just need some imagination. Go here. You integrate your band website with Facebook here, prepare a mobile app here or even design a Facebook app of your own here. This works in the same way as games do, so you’ll see updates that ‘James installed XYZ’ and every time the app is used it will show in your friends’ tickers. Here is a sample of a how an app would work. This app is called ‘Run With Friends’. Why not create an app called ‘Jam With My Band’?

6) Get Random

There aren’t just music apps on Facebook, there are apps for all parts of life and of course it’s not only your music you want to share. Establishing a fan-base is also about building a brand, for instance why Bring Me The Horizon recently launched their own line of Barbeque Sauce. Random – but it enhances their brand therefore more people have heard of them. Here are a few suggestions:

7) Try These Apps!

- Use a Photo App to create cool pics of your band, gigs and rehearsals.

- Use a song lyric app to post the words from your favourite artists – and your own songs!

- Use the Soundcloud app to post your new song ideas and get comments

- Use a gig app to tell people when you’re playing, they can comment on your show.

The whole idea behind the last 4 is to make your content viral. App usage appears in friends’ tickers, who then comment and join in – extending to their friends who will join in and extend to their friends and so on.

Why Is This Good For Artists?

Recommendation is the BEST way of finding new music. Fans want the shared experience and recommendations of a trusted source. And now, fans can listen to new music AND comment on it AND pass it to their friends,

Extending the commenting from ‘Like’ to any verb means you can share and pass on comments about anything at all your band are doing at any time.

‘Timeline’ builds your own personal EPK (Electronic Press Kit). It’s good for your friends/fans and for you too as you can look back on how your band or even an individual song has developed.

So, how does this affect artists? Music Discovery just got 'really cool'.

Matt Parsons

CEO Ditto Music

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