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The Single Is Alive! How To Make Your Single Release More Exciting

The days where

you used to trudge on down to HMV and swap your hard earned £1.99 for Geri
Halliwell’s ‘Bag It Up’ are nothing more than fond memories, but that doesn't mean the single release isn't still important when selling your music online.

Without the luxury of radio support, music promotion is tricky and trying to start a single campaign can be a challenge.

But don’t fear – recently artists have been getting more and
more creative when it comes to single campaigns. You need to give them
something extra- something they can’t get on your album. More and more
artists are releasing singles as if they were EPs, with three or four ‘bonus’
tracks following the main version.

Here are a few ways to beef up your single release:

1) Live Versions

Live Version






Most of you out there will be gigging and touring to the
point of insanity when it comes to your single release dates - and with
recording equipment being cheaper than ever, recording a live version of your
single is easy.

Your fans will appreciate hearing the single from a
different perspective and you can use it as an advert for yourself and your
live shows.

2) Remixes

Remix Culture






term ‘remix culture’ has never been more appropriate than it is now, with
recording software becoming so cheap and easy to use that we find ourselves in
the somewhat bizarre scenario of critics darlings Wild Beasts remixing Lady


So why not include a remix of your single alongside the main
version. Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’ came with two remixes on it, whilst m83’s ‘Midnight City’ came with four. Collaborations and mash ups are just an introduction

away. Network with local artists and see what they can come up with.

3) Do a Cover







People love a good cover.

Individual downloads of the cover won’t count towards any
chart placements, but it might make listeners want to download the bundle all
together (which will count towards
chart placements and will make you
more royalties).

Take this as an example: at the back end
of 2011 he released single ‘We Don’t Eat’ with three accompanying tracks. One was a remix, one was an acoustic version, and
the final track was a devastating piano led cover or Steve Winwood’s ‘Higher

Thanks to a placement on
the Love Film Christmas advert his
version of ‘Higher Love’ became a much bigger hit than the single it was meant
to accompany. Nonetheless, a cover version is a great way to increase the value
and appeal of your single release.

So there you have it – just a few ways to make your single
release a little more exciting. Get started here and as always – remember to
register your single with the Charts.

Mike Townsend