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The Problems With Promoting Your Music. Solutions From Ditto Music

The ModePromoting music can be a problem, especially with so many artists competing for attention. Ditto Music show you their top tips for music promotion.

1 Social Media

For most this goes without saying. It is absolutely essential that you set up a facebook and a twitter account for your band. These are by far the easiest ways to communicate with potential listeners and to get your music heard. A Ditto Music band got recommended by Stephen Fry on twitter last week which saw their website crash under the level of activity it caused. So set up an account and post interesting, engaging content for your fans. Its no problem and can be done in just minutes.

2 Start Local

Another important thing to remember is to start small and be patient. There is no need to start sending your first demo to the likes of NME and Radio 1 right away. Instead try sending your demo out to your local music magazine, local record store or your local radio stations and see what happens. Here in Liverpool we have at least five or six local music papers, all of which are extremely influential in the local music scene. If this all goes well then the major radio stations, labels and media will come to you. Take a look at our previous blog for tips on contacting local record stores here.

3) Do Something Different

In a previous blog post we did a case study on Manchester band WU LYF their rise to the top using anti-hype and DIY promotion. This brings me to my next point – do something different. You are competing with thousands of bands that look and sound exactly like you do. It doesn’t matter how good your music is if the right people don’t listen to it. Try and think of ways where you can excite listeners and the press. Play a guerrilla gig somewhere, post provocative content on your blog. Don’t force it and don’t be gimmicky – be different.

4 Start A Record Label

This one is important. Starting a record label is nowhere near as difficult as you might think. Use our Name Your Label package to set one up instantly, or go to the PPL to do it yourself in just a couple of months. When you are contacting local record stores, local venues, local magazines and local radio stations it sounds so much better if you introduce yourself as ‘Rock Band from Rock Records’ or whatever. You come across as much more professional instead of some average band of chancers and they are much more likely to take you seriously.

So there you have it – just a few tips on how to start promoting yourself. Remember that this is all supposed to be fun – don’t get too worked up about making it big as it will come out in your music and performances.

Oh - and don't use Myspace.

Mike Townsend