04 Jul 2016

The Increasing Value of the Independent Record Labels


Although independent labels were generally thought to account for just 20% of the music industries global revenue, a new study has shown that the indie sector's share is actually much bigger, and there's never been a better time to start a record label.

This major new study into independent record labels' contribution to the worldwide music business has demonstrated that indie labels actually make up 37.6% of the global market and are worth around $5.6 billion - much more than previously thought.

The research also shows how international music distributors like Ditto Music and innovative tools like Record Label in a Box have helped to increase the reach of independent labels who do not have the infrastructure needed to compete on a global scale.

Take a look at the infographic below to see the impact indie labels currently have on the music business and scroll down to find out how you can start your own record label and become part of the growing global independent music industry.


The Actual Value of Independent Music

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How to start an independent record label

For anyone wondering how to start a record label and take advantage of the booming independent music sector, Record Label in a Box offers an affordable and straightforward way to set-up and run your own successful independent record label as a business.


Record Label in a Box includes everything you need to run your label

It's complete with all the tools you need to start your music industry career, including official registration as a limited company, a personalised management suite with customizable contracts, advanced royalty software to easily monitor and manage your earnings, as well as one-on-one expert support and much more.

With Record Label in a Box, you can establish your label, start signing artists and releasing music across the world, offering an amazing opportunity to get your share of the independent record label sector's massive global revenue. Discover more about how to start a record label and get started today. 



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